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Technology - Showcasing Kokam Lithium Polymer Batteries

Kokam have developed an advanced and economically viable grid storage solution using Superior Lithium Polymer Battery (SLPB) technology. The patented SLPB technology is currently in production in the U.S., and has been utilized in numerous applications throughout the world. The proven SLPB cell design increases energy density to as high as 200 Wh/kg in high energy cell configurations. The Kokam SLPB meets all performance standards of the U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC) and has been commercially sold into multiple applications since 1998.

Kokam recently introduced an advanced Nano 1.0 cell that has increased energy and power densities, 7,000 life cycles at 80% DOD, 10+ years life with outstanding safety and stability characteristics.

Ragone Plot

energy density versus specific energy chart


Kokam's SLPB has proven its outstanding power, energy density, cycle life and safety. Since its establishment in 1998, Kokam has supplied large format cells ranging from 50Ah to 240Ah.

Cell CapacityNormal VoltageVoltage Range
25 mAh ~ 240 Ah3.7 V3.0~4.2 V

individual cells

KBM Series Module

Kokam's Battery Modules are equipped with various mechanisms capable of dissipating significant heat. It also provides improved maintenance features including the ability to replace individual cells as a unit. The safety and reliability of each module is guaranteed with the Kokam Battery Management System (BMS). Kokam's BMS uses remote communication and can be monitored with an additional device.

Energy1.9~ 2.73.8~ 5.51.9 ~ 3.83.8 ~ 7.7kWh
DC Voltage Range39.0 ~ 58.839.0 ~ 58.821.0 ~ 58.821.0 ~ 58.8V
Cell / Connection Type40Ah, 53 Ah /13S, 14S40Ah, 53Ah /2P13S, 2P14S75Ah /7S~14S75Ah /2P7S ~2P14SN/A



KBP Series

Kokam's Battery Pack Solution (48V) is composed of Kokam's Superior Lithium Polymer cells assembled in series with a slave BMS attached on the module. Electric Components and Master BMS are attached inside each pack. Each pack can be customized to meet a client's very specific and unique needs.

ModelKBP 48100KBP 48150KBP 48200KBP 48240Unit
DC Voltage Range42.0 ~ 58.842.0 ~ 58.842.0 ~ 58.842.0 ~ 58.8V

kbp module

KRI/KRO Standard Rack

Kokam's standard rack is built using Kokam's standard modules. The system can incorporate different inverters and be applied to households, office buildings, hospitals, data servers, telecommunication repeaters, and military sites in order to enhance the stability of the provision of electricity. Standardized rack systems can be connected in serial and parallel to build up energy capacity to hundreds of kWh. In addition, the Kokam outdoor type rack is designed with the NEMA3XR standard enclosure. With its weatherproof capability, it enables the customer to overcome extreme environments.

Row/Column2R/3C2R/3C P2R/4C P2R/5C P3R/4C PUnit
Energy16.4 ~ 23.332.9 ~ 46.643.9 ~ 62.154.9 ~ 77.765.8 ~ 93.2kWh
DC Voltage Range252 ~ 352252 ~ 352336 ~ 470420 ~ 588504 ~ 705V

P in table above: KBM216P/KBM255P modules applied

Rack mounted

Rack mounted

Home Energy Storage (5-15 kWh)

With an outstanding design, Kokam's Home Energy Storage System (KHESS) is integrated with a highly efficient Bi-Directional PCS, which enables users to utilize energy more efficiently and effectively. The HESS is a culmination of Kokam's endeavor in planning, designing, engineering, assembling the hardware and developing its proprietary software for the sole purpose of providing the users the best possible turnkey solution. The users can conveniently utilize the system and UI from the moment of installation.

Rack mounted

Commercial Scale (MWh)

The Kokam Commercial ESS is utilized for various applications such as peak load management, improving the power quality and reliability of solar or wind generations, frequency regulation and spinning reserve application. The KCE can store 250 kWh ~ 10 MWh of energy and can be customized to provide the specific capacity requested by the user.

Rack mounted

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